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Indri Trini

Indri Trini

Indri Trini Single Malt Whisky is a notable whisky produced by the Piccadilly Distilleries in India. It’s aged in three different cask types: ex-bourbon, ex-wine, and PX sherry casks, giving it a unique and layered flavor profile. Here are the detailed tasting notes and some information about the distillery:

Tasting Notes for Indri Trini Single Malt Whisky

Appearance: Deep amber with golden hues.

Nose: Rich and aromatic, with initial notes of dried fruits like raisins and apricots, followed by hints of dark chocolate, vanilla, and honey. Subtle undertones of oak and a touch of spice add complexity.

Palate: Full-bodied and smooth, featuring a blend of flavors including sweet malt, caramel, and dried fruits from the sherry influence. Notes of vanilla, dark chocolate, and a hint of black pepper are present, along with a delicate winey richness from the ex-wine casks.

Finish: Long and warming, with lingering notes of dried fruit, sweet spices, and a gentle oakiness. The finish is well-balanced with a touch of sweetness and spice that gradually fades.

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