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Thank you for taking the time to explore our site, we hope you enjoy it.  

Whiskey has evolved so much in the last 10 to 15 years, becoming more fashionable and accessible. New craft distilleries introduced a variety of styles, more people from a variety of backgrounds started to enjoy a shorter sipping experience and countries around the globe started to produce a wonderful array of whiskeys.

It is because of this growth and variety that we wanted to create our own whiskey club, a place where we could combine our hobby of collecting and trying wonderful whiskeys from around the world and meeting new people as we go.

Buying full bottles to add to our own collections became an expensive hobby and with so much variety we would spend hours searching for that next bottle, deliberating over which choices to make, and whilst that's fun we felt there was a better way in which we could help others grow their own collections or try whiskeys on mass in an affordable way.

Why we do what we do​:

Many people are getting into whiskey and although less so now, it can be a hobby that is intimidating to get into. The complexity of different styles and flavours that different regions or distiller bring to market can mean you just don’t know what you might like or want to try next. So, we wanted to create a whiskey club that complimented those new to whiskey and those who have established their pallet, with these 4 key principles.

​1)     We love sourcing Whiskey and take pride in putting together unique packs for you. We feel each box should take you on a journey, giving you a selection of styles and the opportunity to sample a variety of Whiskey’s from around the world.

​2)     We want to give you value for money, pure and simple. As well as good variety, we want to give you good quality too. Not just in the calibre of Whiskey’s we source but also in quantity too. With 50 ml tasters we feel you have a nice size pour to really get a feel for your Whiskey. You can try neat, with ice or adding a drop of water to see how the taste changes to really find out what you like. There is plenty to share with a friend or perhaps try blending a few styles to see what you come up with. We would love to hear about them in our community thread (House of Grain)

3)     And that is our 3rd principle, we want to build a community not just be the guys that send you decent Whiskey. We want to build inclusive community groups across our social streams and website content. A community where those new to Whiskey can come and ask questions, learn, and share hints, tips, and tricks on our beloved grain. We do not pretend to be Sommeliers; we just love Whiskey and want to share that love with you.

4)     And this leads onto our fourth principle of always listening to our community. As a new start up your feedback means a lot to us. We love to hear about what we do right so we can keep doing it, but we will make mistakes and letting us know how we can improve and serve you better is so important to us as we grow together. So, sit back, relax, and help us take flight on a Whiskey Journey together.

Who are we:

We cannot expect a community to open up to us if we don’t tell you about us, so who are we?

Lactodorum Whiskey Club was established in 2021 By Ian (The Lamp) and Dean (The onion)

2 friends that have known each other for over 20 years and have a similar experience in drinking Whiskey, a journey that started with the Jack & Coke and has taken us through Bourbon country, into Scotland, Ireland, Europe, Japan and everywhere in-between where you can now find over 1000 distilleries to choose from, it is also pleasing to see the emergence of the English Whiskey scene in recent years. We look forward to sharing this journey with you.

When it comes to enjoying our Whiskey, our personal collections have a nice balance from Bourbon to Scotch, Blends to flavours from around the world which we enjoy sharing together. There is something quite nice about popping to a friend’s house and opening a new bottle with them, sampling it together and sharing thoughts, we also like to coin new phrases such as World Cup Whiskey but more about that another time. The night will usually start with a bourbon, the oaky wood flavour to kick off. If it is a 3-dram evening, then a sweet Irish or Speyside might be the next stop or a savoury Japanese. The evening always ends with the anchor firmly down in Scotland. The strong Smokey Peat flavour tops the night off a treat, but it has not always been that way and we certainly had to build up to appreciate the medicinal characteristics.

Why Lactodorum: 

Choosing our name was surprisingly one of the bigger challenges we faced. Not because we could not come up with any, but we had so many ideas that we loved, we just could not decide which one suited us best. 
Lactodorum Whisky was one of our early choices, living in the old Roman town of Towcester ourselves and being proud of our local community made this a perfect fit. 
Towcester claims to be the oldest Town in Northamptonshire and as we are not getting any younger that suited us down to the ground too! 
The word means town of dairy men and whilst we might be the whiskey guys, we just thought it was a cool too. 
The whiskey side of our name was easy although we have our friends at Wharf Distillery to thank for not taking offence when we shared our plans with them as they have a stunning Gin using the Lactodorum name.  

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