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Mac - Talla Terra

Mac - Talla Terra

Mac-Talla Terra is a single malt Scotch whisky from the island of Islay. 


Mac-Talla Terra offers a quintessential Islay whisky experience, characterized by its rich peat smoke and coastal influences.

Appearance: Pale gold.

Nose: Opens with a pronounced aroma of coastal brine, seaweed, and iodine, complemented by hints of smoky peat. Subtle undertones of citrus zest and vanilla sweetness add complexity.

Palate: The taste is robust and full-bodied, featuring an intense peaty flavor with notes of charcoal, earthy smoke, and maritime saltiness. There’s a balance of sweet vanilla, honey, and a touch of green apple.

Finish: Long and warming with lingering smoke, peppery spice, and a hint of medicinal character typical of Islay whiskies. The finish is dry and slightly tangy, with a faint echo of citrus.

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