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Lindores Abbey MCDXCIV

Lindores Abbey MCDXCIV

Lindores Abbey MCDXCIV is a single malt whisky from Lindores Abbey Distillery in Scotland, which pays homage to the rich history of Scotch whisky production dating back to 1494 (MCDXCIV in Roman numerals). 

Appearance: Pale gold.

Nose: Fresh and vibrant with initial notes of orchard fruits such as green apple and pear. This is complemented by hints of vanilla, honey, and malt. Subtle floral aromas and a touch of citrus zest add complexity.

Palate: Smooth and well-balanced with flavors of creamy vanilla, toffee, and sweet malt. The fruitiness from the nose continues on the palate, featuring apple, pear, and a hint of apricot. There are also delicate notes of spice, including cinnamon and a touch of white pepper.

Finish: Medium-length with a clean and slightly drying finish. Lingering notes of vanilla, oak, and a gentle spice round out the experience, leaving a refreshing aftertaste.

Lindores Abbey Distillery:

        •       Location: Situated in Fife, Scotland, near the historic site of Lindores Abbey, where the earliest known reference to Scotch whisky production was recorded in 1494.
        •       Heritage: The distillery draws inspiration from its historical roots, blending traditional whisky-making practices with modern techniques to produce high-quality single malt whiskies.
        •       Production: The distillery uses locally sourced barley and pure water from natural springs. The whisky is distilled in copper pot stills and aged in a variety of casks, including bourbon, sherry, and wine casks, to create a layered and complex flavor profile.
        •       Commitment to Tradition: Lindores Abbey Distillery emphasizes a connection to the history of whisky production in Scotland, striving to honor and continue the legacy of one of the oldest recorded whisky-making sites in the world.

Lindores Abbey MCDXCIV embodies the distillery’s dedication to quality and heritage, offering a well-crafted single malt that reflects both historical significance and contemporary craftsmanship.

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