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Bowsaw Small Batch American Whiskey

Bowsaw Small Batch American Whiskey

Let’s start with a little fact for you, this whiskey takes it’s name from the saw that is used by the cooper’s with which they cut the top of the whiskey barrel off. Bowsaw Whiskey is distilled and matured in Owensboro and Louisville Kentucky, where they have over 350 combined years of whiskey making knowledge to tap into!! Louisville is prime whiskey territory, with Angels Envy, Mitchters, Heavens Hill and Old Forrester also located in the area. The mash content consists of 91% Corn, 5% Barley and 4% Rye.

On the nose: Really sweet, with hints of peanut butter along with a spiced latte from a high street coffee shop.

To taste: Creamy and clingy and still really sweet, hints of chocolate chip pancake with syrup poured over them.

The finish: The sweetness has stepped aside slightly and now there's a light spice, but it’s very light

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